Oil Filter Change – VW Corrado G60

This section of SWDubs will list how to change the oil and oil filter on a G60 Corrado. This guide can only really be used as a direct guide for the G60 Corrado, though it can be used as a rough guide for changing the oil on all cars.

Disclaimer : SWDubs.co.uk accept no responsibility for any of the information contained within this document or the accuracy thereof. It is intended as a helpful guide and is solely based on personal experience. The authors also wish to stress that the methods highlighted are centred around personal opinion and there may be other equally credible ways of performing this conversion.

Corrado G60 Oil Change



The equipment you will need for this is:

Container to catch oil x2
Oil filter strap wrench
Socket set
Philips screwdriver

Products needed:

Oil filter (G60)
Oil (10w40 5l)

Corrado G60 Oil Change Jacking

How To:

To start with make sure your car is warm, but not hot, and on a flat surface so you can jack it up safely. Yank on the hand break and chock up the rear wheel on the driver’s side just to be safe.
Locate the front nearside jacking point and jack the car up enough so you are able to slide underneath.


Corrado G60 Oil Change Sump Plug



Grab your first oil catching container (i used an old screen wash bottle and cut the front off) and slide it under the sump plug ready to catch the oil.
Now use a socket set to gently undo the sump plug (my sump plug was 13mm, but normal G60 plugs are usually 15/17mm). Just before the plug is completely unscrewed remove the socket and do the last little bit with your hands making sure that you don’t drop the plug into the oil container. This is mainly to save you fishing around in oil if you are reusing the plug, but if you are using a new plug and washer this is not too much of a problem.

Corrado G60 Oil Change Oil Container



This may sound patronising, but make sure that the container is under the hole in the right position. This may sound stupid, but the oil will come out quite fast at the start and you may need to quickly move the container to the right place to catch the oil before it goes all over the floor. (A quick tip, I always lay a couple of rags or folded sheet on the floor under the container to make sure that no oil gets on the floor. I don’t think i have ever change the oil of a car with out the oil missing at some point). As the oil slows, you might also need to move the container back slightly to catch the remaining drips of oil from the sump. As the oil is draining out of the car release the jack a bit and lower the car so that it is as level as it can be (without it hitting the container under the sump.


Next it’s time to change the filter. The oil filter is housed on the front of the block and on most other models of VWs, this makes is pretty easy to get to. With the G60 though, VW decided to put a big ass G-Ladder supercharger in the way. So, how do you access the oil filter without having to remove the supercharger or the engine from the car.

First you need to remove the grille from the car. This is done by releasing the clips that attach the grille to the front panel. The location to these clips can be found in the picture to the left.

Corrado G60 Oil Change Light Screws


The clips simple press out and the whole grille will lift away from the front of the Corrado. Next you need to remove the driver’s side headlight. By removing the headlight you will gain a great deal more access to the oil filter that is located on the front of the engine and will make removing it much easier. To do this you will need to undo the three screws on the top of the headlight that holds it on, these screws are pointed to in the picture to the right.

Once the screws are out you will need to carefully pull the light forward and disconnect the loom by unplugging the single connector that is on the back of the headlight. This will now have given you a lot more access to the front of your engine, especially the oil filter that you are looking to remove.

Coraddo G60 Oil Change No Lights or Grille


If you have an oil cooler installed on your G60 you will know that a standard G60 oil filter is too big to fit on the filter housing with the sandwich plate on there as well. So what you need to do is take a hacksaw and saw the nut off the bottom of the oil filter. The nut is not really needed as it is there to help you screw the oil filter in place (but due to us not having room to get a socket on it it doesn’t really matter) and this will not damage the internals of the filter in any way.

Next you need to place your second oil catching container under where the oil filter is. For this I used an old paint roller tray, they are perfect for the job because they are thin enough to fit under the car while not jacked up, and cover a large space to catch the dripping oil.

Corrado g60 Oil Change Oil Filter Remove



Once the second container is in place, grab your oil filter strap wrench position it around the oil filter like the image to the right.  This is much easier if you don’t have an oil cooler lol.
Once the strap wrench is positioned around the filter tighten it up and undo the filter. Due to the amount of space around the filter you might want to just undo the filter until its a little loose, and then use your hand for the rest of it. This is very fiddly and you will have to loosen the filter little by little with the strap wrench until you can finish the removal with your hands.
once the filter is unscrewed completely just drop it in the container below.


Corrado G60 Oil Change Fill New Filter


Once the old oil filter has been removed, take your new oil filter and fill it with fresh new oil (10w 40 Syntha Silver is recommended). This is to make sure the new filter is pre oiled when the car is started for the first time after changing the filter. Once the filter is full, feed the new filter through the space left by the light and screw it back on with your hands. Then take your strap wrench again and tighten it back up, not too tight. Make sure that the new seal is in place and the old seal is NOT still on the oil cooler.

Next you need to refit the light and grille. Tip, when refitting the light, the screw that goes around the back of the light can be placed in the light when you are putting it back into place, then screwed in and secured, this saves the fiddly job of getting it in place through the small hole in the front panel.

G60 Oil Change Sump Plug Back On




Now you need to jack the car back up again and get under the car to refit the sump plug again. In all the time you’ve taken to replace the filter the oil should be fully drained.If you have a replacement sump plug this is the time to grab it, I would also recommend replacing the copper washer at the same time.

Once the sump plug is back in and tight remove the oil containers and anything else from under the sump and filter and lower the car back down to the ground.
I have no idea how much the G60 will take to fill up, especially with an oil cooler, but keep checking the dip stick by removing it, whipping it off with a rag, putting it back into the dipstick holder, taking it out again and check the hight of the oil on the stick.

Corrado G60 Oil Change Oil Refill


When refilling the oil, you must make sure that the car is level or you will get an inaccurate reading on the dip stick. It is also important not to over fill your oil as you might damage something, and there is a good chance you’ll make a mess too.
G60 Oil Change Check Level

When this is done place the cap back on the cam cover and start the car, run the car for a minute or so and then turn it off again. Now check the oil again to see the level and refill if needed.
Once done double check that everything if refitted correctly, the light, grille, oil cap, sump plug, and filter (hard to check the last two) and your done.

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