EGR Valve Cleaning & Replacement – Audi A4 TDI

This How-To looks at the troublesome EGR Value on newer Audi TDI’s. I have the 07 Avant version of this car, but these valves are on all 2.0l TDI engines from 06-08 (and probably others too). This guide looks at cleaning out the soot from the valve and replacing the item. I initially cleaned the valve thinking that is what was wrong, but it turned out the unit was damaged and needed replacing. I will walk through removal, cleaning, checking for damage and reassembly.

Disclaimer : accept no responsibility for any of the information contained within this document or the accuracy thereof. It is intended as a helpful guide and is solely based on personal experience. The authors also wish to stress that the methods highlighted are centred around personal opinion and there may be other equally credible ways of performing this task.


The equipment you will need for this is:

Ratchets (1/4 and 3/4 inch)
Ratchet extension
Toothbrush (or small stiff bristle brush)
M10 multi spline piece
T30 star piece
T20 star piece
10mm + 13mm sockets
Stanley blade

Products needed:

White spirit
EGR Gasket – U03G 131 547 F Z30 Gasket
Anti Shudder O-ring – U03L 131 547 B Z25 O-Ring
EGR Cooler Pipe Gasket – U069 131 547 D DR1C Gasket
Genuine EGR Value

How To:

Firstly, locate the EGR valve within the engine bay. It is bolted on to the inlet manifold and has a cooler pipe and anti shudder valve attached.



You will need to use a 10mm socket to remove the bold holding the water pipe onto the top alternator bracket. This will allow more access to the various parts that you will need to remove. Once this is done you will need to remove the 3 bolts holding on the anti shudder valve. Use the T30 star piece to remove all three bolts that will free the anti shudder valve.

egr anti shudder valve off


Next you will need to free the cooler pipe from the side of the EGR valve. This is done by removing the two M10 multi spline bolts.

egr cooler pipe

Next use the T30 star piece to remove the 4 bolts holding the EGR valve itself to the inlet.

remove egr valve

Once the unit is removed you can examine the sooty build up to see if this is your problem. Mine was full of sooty crap which would have been dramatically affecting the performance of the car.

egr valve sooty buildup

As you can see, the soot builds up and blocks the air from passing through the valve efficiently. This can be cleaned with some white spirit and a tooth brush. This is a messy job and can take time. I also used a Stanley blade to gently take off the more baked on soot, but make sure that you do not scratch the valve too much.

While the valve is off the car it is a good chance to remove the end cap and look at the condition of the gears. These units have plastic gears that are prone to wear. The original reason for me removing my valve was due to a warning light on my dash. Though this light can be caused by the sooty build up, there is a chance that the gears within the unit itself could be the issue, so always have a look before putting the valve back on.

Here is the valve with the cap off,

egr valve gears

The gearing is pretty simple, with the smallest gear on the top of the picture driving the larger white gear, which drives the black half gear from below. This in turn opens the butterfly that you have just cleaned.

egr valve white gear egr valve black gear

As you can see, both the white and black half gears are damaged from wear over time and the butterfly within the EGR valve was no longer able to open. This is a common fault due to these gears being made from plastic. Unfortunately, the only fix for this is a new unit, which is anywhere from £150 – £220 depending upon where you buy it and whether you buy original VAG or after market parts.

Whether you need to replace the EGR valve or whether you just need to clean it, it is a good idea to clean the opening to the inlet manifold (be very careful not to push the soot into the inlet), the cooler pipe and anti shudder valve while the EGR is out. These too will have sooty build up and cleaning them will help prolong your work.

egr vlave cleaned inlet

With everything cleaned up, time to start refitting the new (or newly cleaned) valve back onto the car. As I was fitting a brand new EGR valve everything was nice and clean.

egr valve new unit

First you will need to grab the gaskets that you have bought. The first to replace is the O-ring for the anti shudder valve. Some people reuse the O-ring for this, but I would recommend a new one to eliminate the need to remove the valve at a later date. This is very easy as the O-ring simply slides into the recess within the anti shudder valve.

egr valve anti shudder oring

Then it is simply a case of putting is all back in the reverse order that you took it all apart. Make sure that all of the gaskets are aligned and not damaged in any way and you should be done.

egr valve finished







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