How To

Welcome to the How To section of Swdubs.

Here you will find all kinds of interesting and useful information on how to mod and repair you VW, ranging from how to change a CV joint to how to rebuild an alternator.

There will be new guides added over time, but if you have a useful guide you want to share with others, please send me a message through the contact us form.
All the guides on this site have been made by one of the members here, they are all only a guide, and they are not necessarily the VW recommended way to fit any give issue.
We here at South West Dubs take no responsibility for any accidents or damage caused due to reading any of our guides.


Disclaimer : accept no responsibility for any of the information contained within this document or the accuracy thereof. It is intended as a helpful guide and is solely based on personal experience. The authors also wish to stress that the methods highlighted are centred around personal opinion and there may be other equally credible ways of performing this conversion.